Every once in awhile I get to stray away from regular sessions and shoot products for an arborist supply company- Bartlett (from Marlette, Michigan.)
There's something so fun and different about shooting commercial products.
And sometimes I get to pair those products with a stunning male model (ok, he's my hubby, so I'm partial.)
Ever since we moved to Burtchville, I've been able to do a lot of shooting right in our yard. From the tiny neighborhood in Fort Gratiot, where we use to live, I'm still kind of in shock I can produce images just like these in my own backyard.
Take a peek. If you're in to tree work or just like climbing around- when their new catalog comes out, you will probably see these floating about! :D And yes, I always get super excited to see my work in print, especially in a catalog that gets shipped to other countries- it never gets old!!

AJBC Photography Bartlett Arborist Supply and Manufactoring tree gear