As Ricky would say, "Lucy, you got some 'splanin' to do." And I do. I owe it to you ladies to truly explain to you what Pin Up is all about, bc it's not what many of you think, and I think after this little "chat" you will find the inner pin up in you, as I have as well.

Why do I LOVE pin up photography? Is it because I am a sexy girly girl? Don't make me laugh! I am far from sexy! I love to wear tall army boots, high top sneakers, or throw on a back pack and hike into the middle of nowhere. I'm just growing my hair out from a mohawk and I just upgraded my closet from 2 dresses that I wear about once a year to 3. So- do I have some hidden side to me? No. I appreciate Pin Up for what it is- creative, fun, angelic, timeless, and above all else- confidence.

Pin up isn't about being a size 2, it's not about being Vogue cover material, and it's not about being half naked in a centerfold. It's about having confidence in yourself, stepping out of your box, not caring, appreciating yourself, and producing an image even your grandma could enjoy- and I really mean all of that!

Let's have a short history session- pin ups were originally photographs or paintings that men would literally 'pin up' on their walls, next to their bed, or when they were off in the war. They weren't scandalous, they were simply a flirty version of your everyday girl!

This all started last year when I ran my first pin up special. I only did it bc it was close to VDay and I wanted to try something different, plus it was as close to model / fashion photography that I was going to get, which is a passion of mine. I was pretty naive about the true essence of pin up, looking back now, but it has truly taught me so much.

Like what you ask? Well, last summer was the first time in probably 10 years that I have went into public with shorts on. Don't understand what I am trying to say? I'm saying that even at 5 foot 2 and 104 pds I was too self conscious to go out, anywhere, in shorts bc I didn't want ppl looking at my body. I would sweat and die in the middle of summer in jeans before I would put on a pair of shorts- you might catch me in a skirt... Then I started doing these pin up parties. I started dressing up for them too. I started photographing myself for promos. And before you know it, I had bought a pair of high wasted black shorts and wore them out to an event our town has that draws in more ppl than you could ever imagine, and I didn't think twice about it. I liked those shorts, I was going to wear them, I was going to rock them, and I did not have one care in my mind about who saw me in them bc I felt good! And I 100% accredit that to my Pretty Little Pin Up Parties.

Was it because being around group after group of these girls who were booking parties was empowering? Was it because I saw myself in some of these nervous yet beautiful girls? Or was it because it taught me curves are awesome and there is not 1 girl out there with a "perfect" body and that's even more awesome, bc all that means is that we are real, living, human beings that can all relate on the same level- we aren't perfect and you're a joke if you think you are!

Aside from it being a great emotional experience for me, let's talk about you really quick. Sure, you can book a party with me, it can be a girly day, but I want it to be more for you! I want it to be that day when you realize you have the potential to be timeless, a show stopper!! I'm not here to judge. If you do want to get photographed as a nude goddess, well girl, you work it!!! But that's not what I'm offering at my parties. So when you book a party with me, yes, your price includes my set up, my time, my props, your hair done, your make up done, and all that jazz. But it also pays for that first day in your life when you realize you're a women, you're strong, you don't have to hide under that coat, no matter what size you are, no matter what shape you have, and you're going to do it in a way that is SO classy it's going to make even the sexiest of girly girls jealous.

And above all us, keep that inner child alive- no girl should ever turn down the chance to play dress up. <3

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”

― Marilyn Monroe