Here is the awesome thing about being a boss babe- you do what you want when you want. If you want to run your business during the day next to the pool, you can do that. If you want to take a week off, party all Saturday and work from your couch on Sunday morning, you can do that- and that’s exactly what Michelle is striving for.

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   She’s just now building her website and needed new headshots for marketing material and the web design. I was excited that she opted to do 3 looks, showcasing all the different sides to her business- the business owner who can casually work from the comfort of her own home, the professional that runs the whole operation on her own, and that natural sassy side of her, not as a business, but just a beautiful woman.
   It’s amazing what a portrait can say about you, so choosing the right wardrobe, location, and props for your branding is huge. Michelle did an awesome job planning for what she wanted to say with her portraits and we visually brought that to life for her.

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      I also love that she broke away from the traditional head a shoulders headshot and did something a little more modern but still chic that will resonate with her current market. Who are you talking to? Selling to? Networking with? Always keep that in mind when thinking of your business.
   We did the whole shoot right here at the AJBC Photography studio. We have various different indoor options and spaces along with 20 private acres of outdoor options! Get in touch with us if your business needs a little pick me up!

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