Premier Designs Jewelry Consultant-
Christine Partlo

Every Boss Babe needs a rockin' Headshot
for her Business!

professional business headshots.jpg

   You hear head shots and you automatically either dread getting them taken or think to yourself- this is going to be so boring!
   But that doesn't have to be true and this is the perfect example of taking something low key and adding your personality to it.
   Or.... worst yet when you hear head shot you think that selfie you took will work just the same and I'm here to tell you NO it will not. Mostly because the quality is going to stink, and the angle is going to be that wicked 2 ft above your head look everyone thinks is flattering, and it just doesn't look professional! And it's so important for people to take you seriously in your company. Your face is your brand, and it's also the only thing that SPEAKS to people when you aren't there. Don't have it saying the wrong thing!
  Phew. Ok. Sorry. Professional Head shot rant over! I'm just really passionate about helping business owners grow... I get a excited! 
   Christine sells Premier Jewelry, which if you have never heard of it, or if you have but have never tried on the line, well, you need to get with it!! She wanted an updated head shot and we new first priority was to make her look amazing (as with any portrait) but equally important was to showcase what she does and sells in a way that will look amazing on a business card, website, promo material, and more!
   We did 3 looks so she can switch up her marketing style depending on the event or client AND it shows how diverse this line is!
   Seriously... these pieces. They are so diverse! Take a look as what we created during a small Business Head shot Session.

premier designs jewelry consultant christine partlo .jpg
michigan headshot photographer.jpg
port huron commercial photographer.jpg

Want to have a look that's as put together as Christine's? Shop her pieces here!

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