5 Hair Tips to keep you flawless

 Us women, we all have our daily routine. We find products that work for us and stick to what we know! But when it comes to hair care tips and health, there are plenty of pointers that you may not be aware of! I know you will love these fun, easy, some even transformation, hair tips!! 

Texture Powder!

To all my ladies out there with the flat volume-less hair, this stuff has changed the game for me! Instead of damaging my hair ratting for volume I just dust some texture powder on my roots and let it do the rest of the work! VOLUME ALL DAY LONG! No more flat to my head, lifeless hair. It even replaced hairspray for me. Instead of spraying my hair after curling I just sprinkle some texture powder on the curls and the curls last all day. I use texture powder for every style- straighten, curls, even up-dos, Texture Powder thickens the hair allowing you to style and walk away, but without the sticky, nasty feeling of pastes or spray. Worth every penny! 

My Favorite Texture Powder is SEXY!


If you are on a budget this brand works just as well!


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Heat Protectant

Our Hair is like our main beauty accessory, so between the color dyes, ratting, curling wands, and flat irons our hair takes a beating… but that's why there are products like heat protectant sprays to help minimize the damage. It is important to make this product your new BFF!  Protectant spray adds moisture to your hair and work by forming a protective layer on top of the hair, preventing it from being exposed to extreme heat, pretty much like sunscreen on your skin.. this product is just as important!

Here if one of my favorite products!



Need more tips like this? We got you covered!

Flat Iron everything

My go to hair style is the beachy curls! When in doubt curl it out! I have purchased so many different curling irons, wands, but none of them give me a curl as good as my FLAT IRON! Yes Ladies my flat iron is my curling angel. Save some green, and get all hairstyles from one device. Check out our blog on all the uses for your flat iron! It’ll blow your mind!

Blonde Shampoo Masque

Have well Water that washes away your gorgeous platinum blonde hair? Purple Shampoos drying out you hair too much? Well I have found every blonde's soul mate! It is a Blonde Shampoo Masque called The Perfect Blond made by Privana! It Replenish and revives dry, damaged strands while toning blonde, silver or highlighted hair! I have been blonde a few years now and it took dozens of products to go thru to find my glass slipper. I have hard well water, and I'm someone who needs to wash my hair everyday so my blonde turns into a terrible rust color! Purple shampoos worked somewhat but dried my hair out to the point it was just falling out. Privana made this masque that not only pulls my platinum back thru but moisturizes it as well. It worked out my silver grey hair color, my purple pink hair color, and my natural dark root to ombre look. If you have dark in your hair, no worries, it doesn't pull color, it just deposits, so whatever blonde, silver color you have in your hair its going to take it, brighten it, and make it feel fresh out of the salon!

Here is a link for the glorious product!



Stubborn Flat Hair?

Do any of you ladies out there have stubborn, straight hair that doesn’t want to hold a curl? I feel you! But I've learned some tricks to make it work. One of the main reasons is how conditioned your hair is. When you wash your hair everyday it locks in a lot of moisture which makes it hard to hold a curl. So skip a day... and throw some dry shampoo in there. I don’t like saying the dirtier the better, but it's true. Your hair grips better that way. Also- less is more! It may be time consuming but achieving this look is worth it- You want to section SMALL parts of hair and curl those, rather than bigger sections. The smaller the bouncer, and the smaller the better it will hold. Let's also go back up to texture powder- it really locks in the style of your hair while adding volume. There are also so many products that help enhance those stubborn curls. Some curls need a little encouragement and nothing defines, maintains and moisturizes curls like AG Hair's Curl!

Here is the link to your new best friend!



I hope you found these tips helpful! Try something new and stay beautiful!