Fashion Tips for your Next Photoshoot


Fashion Tips for your Next Photoshoot

   So you can envision the vibe you want for your portraits, how you want to be portrayed and express yourself, and now you just have to piece it all together with fashion.
   For all you fashionistas who want to tackle this on your own, we know that can seem overwhelming, but it's honestly not that hard, especially if you follow these 5 steps we've put together for you!
   For those of you who just can't figure out how to do that or can't find the time, also don't freak, we provide a Wardrobe Styling Package you can add on to any shoot, where we not only help you define your look, we do the shopping for you and provide designer wardrobe for you to wear during your shoot.
   SO let's dive in and see what makes for a killer look.

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Tip 1: Accessories

Pleaseeeeee accessorize! Listen, you want a wardrobe on fleek? That comes only with planning, down to the smallest of details. Here at AJBC we plan everything from the date, to location, to lighting, to props, to wardrobe, and yes even down to accessories. So make sure you are not forgetting to finish off your look! They don't have to be included in EVERY shot but they make for fun accents to switch up your look!
Here are some statement pieces we think you shouldn't leave home without:
Hats- Floppy hats are cute for the boho looks and a trucker hat could be great for an edgy grunge look.
Glam necklaces- go with 1 statement piece or layer up!
Bracelets, Watches- Mix colors and textures.
Rings and Nails- Chipped nails are the worst, go natural or with a neutral color, and accent with rings.
Shoes- Shoes say a lot, dress up with heels for that chic look, or dress down with combat boots for something more bold.
Sunglasses- Cat eyes, to aviators, these are fun and sassy to add in.

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Tip 2: Dress in Layers

Want to make the most out of your photoshoot and your outfit? Yes accessorizing is one way, but another is to dress in layers. You can create a whole new look and emulate a completely new portrait by just layering! Bring that moto jacket and halfway through a look put it on over that oh so fabulous bodycon dress! Now you have 2 styles with 1 outfit.
Some ideas:
Jackets- Fur, Leather, Jean- Add a pop of color or texture with an extra layer!
Scarves- Summer or Fall, something airy or bulky can be a fun piece to add!
Sheer tops- layer texture and color with a cute bralette or tank under an oversized or sheer top or button up.

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TIP 3: Wear Bold Outfits

Wonder why what you see in the magazines looks so posh? Make sure to keep posted about new trends and actually try them! Don’t fear dressing in high fashion clothing! Be confident, be loud with your colors! Be daring with mismatching clothing! Anyone can pull off a T-shirt and jeans or a sunflower dress in the spring. But not you, you can pull off waaaaaayyyy more than that. You can pull off high fashion royalty, magazine worthy, bold styles! Wear them and your confidence proudly.

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TIP 4: Ask for Guidance

If you’re unsure about your style, ask!!! At AJBC we have 3 stylists readily available to guide you. If shopping local, the girls at RUBOO Boutique in Downtown Port Huron are on hand as well and are not only super enthusiastic about fierce style, they are just super fun girls! Their shop, both in person and online, fits every style and every body type. On top of that we also provide you with an exclusive Style Guide to help you find what speaks to you. The importance of knowing your style- we can’t stress enough!

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TIP 5: Leave all Shyness at the Door

Hear these words!!! Leave all shyness at the door!! Do not bring that into your photoshoot with you! This is a once in a lifetime event! We are here to photograph the person you are today! You’ll be able to reflect on these portraits for years and years to come! We want to capture the magnificence and uniqueness of who you are! So yes we might ask you to do some things that feel silly at the moment but trust and know we got your back. So have ours too, ditch the shyness and just be you.

If you're not super on top of the fashion scene we hooked you up with the Top Fashion and Beauty Trends of 2018 in this blog!

Want to see these 5 tips all put together? Check out the Vogue-Inspired Fashion Photoshoot we did when we teamed up with Down Town Port Huron's sassiest Fashionistas- Ruboo Boutique!

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Makeup Tips and Hacks


Makeup Tips and Hacks

How to get a poreless, flawless face instantly

Primer, Foundation, and Baking Tips!

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Everyone who loves makeup knows there’s nothing better than learning new trends and techniques to make your makeup routine easier. I recently did a live video of applying my daily routine make up with my favorite New Year look and wanted to give those who missed out a chance to get to know my favorite tips and hacks.

First- Primer: I know personally I was always skeptical about primers…I just saw it as another product for the industry to make use makeup addicts fall into but ladies! LADIES! Primer is a must! It helps smoothing fine lines, wrinkles and large pores. Once you apply the primer think of your face as a beautiful blank canvas, for makeup to go on flawlessly and stay on all day! My go to Primer is Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer!

Next Foundation Application: Everyone has their own preference on applying foundation but after using everything in the book I found my one true love, which is my Urban Decay Pro Optical Blurring Brush. But regardless of the brand using a brush is by far the best way to apply foundation. Why? When used properly, a brush is one of the fastest ways to apply foundation. They blend foundation seamlessly giving skin an even, airbrushed finish. They provide great coverage. Hygienic You can layer easily, giving you more control over coverage. They are good for getting into hard to reach nooks and crannies and they buff foundation into the skin for natural-looking results. In comparison to a makeup sponge…you are just pressing the product right onto you face, sponges are meant to you will be going thru your product a lot faster..also sponges need to be replaced buying yourself a nice foundation brush is the equivalent of going thru 5 sponges. The difference is undeniable! The Brush works best with my favorite foundation.. Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation!

Baking: Here's how you can pull off poreless, picture-perfect skin and brighten your eye area... BAKING! My favorite! which refers to letting translucent powder sit on your face for five to ten minutes, which allows the heat from your face to set your base foundation and concealer, and then dusting it off your face, leaving you with a creaseless, flawless finish. It also works as a matte highlighter on your face for those who don't like that shiny sparkly look! My Favorite product to bake with is Dermablend Loose Setting Powder!

All products can be found at Ulta Beauty- honestly, they have everything!

Try these tips out and let us know what you think? Or if any of you beautiful woman out there have any tips to share yourself be sure to comment and let us know! Us woman got to stick together!

It's a new year, make sure to try new things, be courageous, confident and above all love yourself!

Visit us on Facebook where we do monthly LIVE videos with fun beauty tips and tricks!

If you want to know Fashion, check out our 2018 Fashion Trends Blog!


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written by:

Taylor- ajbc photography's makeup queen


2018 Fashion and Beauty Trends


2018 Fashion and Beauty Trends

2018 Trends

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These looks are happening, wether you are ready for them or not! Embrace them or ignore them- but you'll be seeing them, and we guarantee you'll probably secretly be in love with them by Spring! 

I'm a motherfucking woman ✨💖✨💖

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Trending Tip #1 Loud and Proud.

Tis the season to be bold! Nothing screams that out more than colorful hair. Not your typical ombre or sun kissed ends, balayage either. We are talking smoked out greys, lavenders, and yes, millennial pink hair! Now is this easy to achieve, not entirely. Especially women with dark hair will take a few trips to the salon. But trust us, we know the struggle is so worth the patience in the end. There are a few box dye brands that have now come out with pastel colors, but we warn you to stay awayyy!!! Box dyes are way more damaging to your hair. If you’re bold enough to rock this style be smart about it and talk with a professional hair stylist.

Happy Saturday everyone😘💕 ps.its faux 🎀

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Trending Tip #2 Be extra no matter what the event!

Every girl has that desire to unleash their inner diva. Please don’t be shy. You know that fur (faux of course!) jacket you thought was sooo 90’s Posh Spice? Well, reminisce no more… because they’re making a come back! Running hot this time around is the straight lined fur jacket, even better in pastel. Yes!!! Pastel! Now, you don’t need to be going out with the girls to rock one of these, but if you are, pair fur jackets with either a slim fitted dress and tights, or your favorite bedazzled top, jeans, and thigh high boots. For a more casual look in your simple v neck and jeans, cover up and stay warm with your fur, after all that was the true purpose of it. This is definitely a way to make you feel a bit more ‘extra’ anywhere you go.

Trending Tip #3 Iridescent Everything

While this is still on the rise be sure to get a jump start on this one, it will be striking. I saw this trend on a few women wearing what they call ‘unicorn’ polish on their nails. After that I was on the hunt! Whilst places like Ulta and Sephora were sold out of this color, we did manage to find some alternative options. Opal nail polish has a similar sheen to it, as well as holographic nail polish. But the iridescent movement is more than just nails. Phone cases, key chains, shoes, or even totes and backpacks! I don’t think you can go wrong with this lustrous mermaid color.

Trending Tip #4 Let's talk Makeup! 

The world of makeup is a whole other beast to tackle! So here's what we are finding hot for the 2018 cosmetic style- 
While we are overjoyed to know glitter and rhinestones still remain, as well as the summer heatwave of festival makeup; there's always room for improvement! You'll see the iridescent movement trickling in as we spoke of above. 
And on the flip side- natural is huge right now. Easy, clean, true. While we embrace playing with colors and new looks, we will never say no to fighting beauty standards and rocking who you truly are. 

Leave us your comments below!

Tell us what looks you're loving right now, what you're excited for, and what you are so over!

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written by:

Elores- ajbc photography's fashion queen


let it be - two thousand eighteen


let it be - two thousand eighteen

It’s the first day of 2018

For me that means...

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For me, that means an entire year has flown by and a part of me feels like SO much has changed, and SO much is about to change, while another part of me feels like not enough has changed, and will enough change in the future!?

To be honest with you I find it very hard to accept times when things aren’t changing.
If things are staying the same, what are you working towards?
If things aren’t changing, how will you ever feel excited again!?

Hand written journal entry

I am learning, or better yet, training myself, to appreciate the things I have and the time I have where both will stay exactly how they are.

I feel like we all ride that thin line of wanting time to stand still and time not moving fast enough.
This year, most of all, has taught me about balance.

Every year I feel like “balance” is what I strive for and every year I fail at it. But that’s because I wasn’t being honest with myself- was I really trying to find balance?
No. I was constantly looking for reasons to throw me off balance. This year, I’ve just learned that’s who I am. But I’ve gotten better at taking time out of that part of my life to just….. “be.”

Just Being-
to me that means:

Mind body soul

I feel like that’s going to be a HUGE theme for us at ajbc this year.
Just… being, un-apologetically “being.”

More importantly- just being: you.

I’ve realized us girls at ajbc, myself (Autumn) and my 2 assistants (Taylor and Elores), everything we do in our lives, everything we do in the studio, everything we want to share with you, boils down to being YOU, embracing YOU, being proud and showing off YOU, and always in a fearless and bold way.

I think all 3 of us have always been very aggressive when it comes to being individuals.
And that’s what we’re most excited to share with you this year.

If we’re talking trends, makeup, beauty, adventure, portraits, it’s not just because it’s hot right now, or bc it’s “what you should be doing” but because we see new daring things happening, and hope to inspire you to do the same. And if being completely untrendy and undaring is what makes you feel like you- make that your own trend.

As long as you can show up to life every day happy… that’s what should be on your “must have” list. That’s what’s empowering. That’s strength, that’s beauty, that’s the true meaning of life.

Self love new year resolution

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Written by:

Autumn- ajbc photography's empowerment pusher

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Leave us a comment below:
What are you working towards this year? Resolutions? Goals? Changes? Promises to yourself?