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Senior Fashion- how to diversify your look during your photoshoot


Senior Fashion- how to diversify your look during your photoshoot

    I like girls who don’t exactly play by the rules, especially with fashion. Take a few risks, I promise you it will pay off. Even if you’re not ready to totally get WAY out of the box, even the smallest of details will make a huge difference!
   Andrea didn’t know at the time of her shoot I would be using her as this fashionista example, I didn’t even know it, but looking back at her shoot now it’s clear she put together some killer looks and there’s some things you could learn from her and what she rocked during her Summer and Fall Senior Photoshoots (yes- she’s so fab she did 2 shoots!)

outdoor michigan senior portraits.jpg

   First off, this green “dress” she’s wearing. It’s an oversized sweater. She bought it larger than her normal top size so it would be the perfect slouchy, comfy sweater dress. So get creative with pieces and sizes! The boho headpiece- it’s just a necklace! As she was putting it on she looked like a little gypsy with it on her head, so we snagged some fun shots!

fall fashion senior pictures.jpg
fall fashion michigan photographer.jpg

   This bold pop of color in her next look was great and notice the accessories- a few bracelets and watch. It’s these tiny things that add extra texture and bling to your portraits, so don’t forget parts of your wardrobe that you think will be hidden- we’ll find a way and a pose to show them off!

senior portraits abandoned building.jpg
senior photos at sunset.jpg
fall colors fall fashion senior photographer.jpg
B&W senior portraits.jpg

   Ok! I’ve waited long enough to talk about my FAV outfit she wore! These overalls and boots. The floral, bright crop top still keeps it feminine but those tall boots with the pants rolled up bring that edge back! I can’t get over this look! It’s unexpected and that’s what’s going to make your portraits stand out! Plus, she’s got moves- I mean look at her just rockin those baggy boyfriend cut overalls!

edgy senior fashion.jpg
grunge fashion.jpg
michigan senior portraits photographer.jpg

   Ok, moving on from my current obsession of overalls- This dress is a great chic look and really mixes it up from the looks we’ve seen so far. It’s something a little more sophisticated, put together, and then paired with the heel, it takes it to a level we haven’t seen yet! Diversity is key to get the most out of your Senior Portraits!

senior fashion.jpg
lexington michigan senior photoshoot.jpg
best michigan photographer.jpg

  Next we have this super casual look. When I say casual I don’t mean boring though, the ripped jeans and layered necklace keep it interesting! It’s meant to be a carefree, summer look paired with the easy going, sun kissed location.

port huron northern senior photoshoot.jpg
fall senior photoshoot.jpg
senior portrait photographer.jpg

   And lastly. So dreamy. This white, soft dress with this floral crown. Whimsy will never get old to us at AJBC! The look turns very editorial / fashion when she gets in the water! And THIS is what you want for your Senior Experience! Something that doesn’t FEEL or look like a typical portrait. The days of turn, smile, click are gone, and so are the “rules” of fashion, because true fashion has no rules and no limits.

senior portraits by the water.jpg
senior portraits in lake.jpg
senior portraits lexington beach.jpg
senior session in water.jpg
senior session in lake huron.jpg

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Mother Nature and New Mother collide for Maternity Session


Mother Nature and New Mother collide for Maternity Session

Summer Maternity shoot floating
on the water's surface

Natural Beauty at Sunset in Port Huron, MI

   Is ‘becoming a mother’ something you were born to do, or something you longed to do? It’s a natural, beautiful, inspiring process- creating an entire human with just your own body.
   Claudia was completely embracing this moment in her life and was ready to celebrate it as the organic and ethereal process it is through a photo shoot!
   While designing the shoot I wanted to work with nature and have it feel a bit fairy tale, a bit fashion, and a bit serene. Floating her on top of the water’s surface gave us that soft, maternal feeling. After that we embraced the raw aspect of pregnancy by showing off Claudia’s beautiful curves and enhancing her effortless beauty by stripping away all the unnecessary things and leaving her with just herself and that feeling of motherhood. This was also a graceful way to show off all of her artwork as well. Lastly we chased the sun as it set and celebrated soon to be baby Rory in a field of day lilies as the orange glow engulfed her.
   A few weeks later 1 became 2 and Claudia was officially a mother to a newborn.
   This experience was such an elegant way to end half this cycle... the end of pregnancyto enter into motherhood.

paddle board maternity photoshoot.jpg
outdoor pond maternity photoshoot port huron michigan photographer.jpg
outdoor maternity photoshoot michigan photographer.jpg
maternity shoot in pond on paddle board.jpg
nude maternity photoshoot.jpg
boudoir maternity session michigan maternity photographer.jpg
port huron michigan maternity photoshoot.jpg
sunset golden hour maternity photoshoot michigan maternity photographer.jpg
michigan outdoor maternity photographer.jpg
maternity session in a field sunset beauty.jpg
sunset golden hour maternity session michigan photographer.jpg
sunset golden hour maternity session port huron michigan maternity photographer.jpg
outdoor michigan maternity photoshoot.jpg

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St Clair High School Senior Photoshoot


St Clair High School Senior Photoshoot

Golden Senior Session at Sunset

Running Free and Beautiful in Lexington, MI

michigan senior photographer wild flowers summer photoshoot.jpg

   The first time I photographed Katelyn she was whipping her long curls at sunset, running on the beach in a white undress, and splashing like a young, free spirit.
   The second time I photographed Katelyn she was kicking and punching through pieces of wood and high kicking what easily could have been a tall man's throat.

   Talk about girls being made of sugar AND spice. Dang.

   Katelyn's session was also the ONLY session that year that had to be rescheduled because of rain. THREE times! And I'm not talking cute rain, I'm talking down pour and we lost power- rain. And we STILL ended up shooting in the rain (I secretly think she's unknowingly doing rain dances in her sleep) but it worked out beautifully.  

   She even showed me and my assistant how to chop through boards, which of course makes you feel like a bad-ass. And any day ending in you feeling like a bad-ass is a good day in my book.

   This part of the session that I want to show off, seeing how free she is in it, it makes me unbearably excited for summer. Knee deep in Lake Huron, sand all over our gear, chasing the sun, and everything has that glow. Running barefoot off into the sunset, wildflowers in her hair- we had so much fun with you, Katelyn.

outdoor senior photoshoot summer senior shoot outdoor beauty.jpg
senior photoshoot at sunset outdoor beauty boho beauty port huron senior photographer.jpg
st clair high school senior photographer summer photoshoot.jpg
high school senior photoshoot lexington michigan photographer senior pics in the water.jpg
lexington michigan beach senior photoshoot sunset summer beauty photographer.jpg
michigan high school senior photographer lexington beach boho photoshoot .jpg
lexington pier senior boho photoshoot lake michigan senior photographer.jpg
lexington michigan senior photographer lake michigan lexington beach photoshoot.jpg
michigan high school senior beauty outdoor photoshoot lexington michigan .jpg
st clair high school senior photographer.jpg

30 seconds in and that sun with that hair and beautiful face, I swoon. See how effortlessly stunning a session can be.

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3 Maryland cuties visit me in Michigan for a summer water photoshoot


3 Maryland cuties visit me in Michigan for a summer water photoshoot

Maryland kids travel to Michigan
for summer photoshoot

Summer photoshoot playing in the flowers
and splashing in the pond

family fun in the sun port huron michigan family love photographer.jpg

   Brother and Sister. For me, I’ll never know what that’s like. Both my husband and I are only children. And some people may have siblings but they will never appreciate what that could mean for them.
   And then there is this beautiful family. They know the true meaning of family. They have a deep love for each other that also crosses the line into best friends. That’s something I hope everyone can have, whether it’s “blood” or “water” we all deserve to have people in our lives that are there no matter what, thru it all, the good and bad, and the extremely beautiful.
   I met Hannah-Mae and Alexx 5 years ago when the girls came to me to build their model portfolio. We shot together often, making some of my best and my most favorite work at that time, and that allowed us to grow close over that next year.  And then... they moved.
   But 4 years went by and I got a message from their mom telling me they would be making a visit home all the way from Maryland and wanted to book a shoot! And this time they would be bringing along their new little brother- who I think is secretly a superhero, but I know that’s top secret stuff.
   4 years later and my 2 favorite little models came back as amazing, well rounded, shining little women who are now a competitive cheerleader, competitive swimmer, cello player, and fashionista! And that little brother Gabe, he’s a silly, smiley, partially tough guy who has some intense muscles.
   I am SO thankful for them and the relationship we’ve ALL built together. They remind me that there are loving, caring people out there, and being able to photograph them all together sharing those moments made my whole summer. Until next time girls, and my new lil super hero friend.   

michigan family photographer outdoor family photoshoot.jpg
outdoor michigan beauty photographer.jpg
port huron michigan outdoor beauty photographer.jpg
outdoor beauty in the pond michigan beauty photographer.jpg
beauty in the water red dress outdoor photoshoot michian photographer.jpg
outdoor beauty photographer detroit michigan photographer.jpg
outdoor family photoshoot michigan family photographer.jpg
family and beauty michigan photographer.jpg
port huron michigan family love photographer outdoor in the water photoshoot.jpg
red dress in the pond beauty and family photographer port huron michigan.jpg
outdoor family photoshoot port huron michigan photographer.jpg
little boy in the water family love michigan family photographer.jpg
detroit michigan family photographer outdoor family photoshoot.jpg
outdoor family photoshoot michigan toddler photographer.jpg
little boy in the woods outdoor family photographer port huron michigan.jpg
brother sister love outdoor family photographer.jpg
outdoor family love photoshoot michigan family photographer.jpg

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