Golden Senior Session at Sunset

Running Free and Beautiful in Lexington, MI

michigan senior photographer wild flowers summer photoshoot.jpg

   The first time I photographed Katelyn she was whipping her long curls at sunset, running on the beach in a white undress, and splashing like a young, free spirit.
   The second time I photographed Katelyn she was kicking and punching through pieces of wood and high kicking what easily could have been a tall man's throat.

   Talk about girls being made of sugar AND spice. Dang.

   Katelyn's session was also the ONLY session that year that had to be rescheduled because of rain. THREE times! And I'm not talking cute rain, I'm talking down pour and we lost power- rain. And we STILL ended up shooting in the rain (I secretly think she's unknowingly doing rain dances in her sleep) but it worked out beautifully.  

   She even showed me and my assistant how to chop through boards, which of course makes you feel like a bad-ass. And any day ending in you feeling like a bad-ass is a good day in my book.

   This part of the session that I want to show off, seeing how free she is in it, it makes me unbearably excited for summer. Knee deep in Lake Huron, sand all over our gear, chasing the sun, and everything has that glow. Running barefoot off into the sunset, wildflowers in her hair- we had so much fun with you, Katelyn.

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michigan high school senior beauty outdoor photoshoot lexington michigan .jpg
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30 seconds in and that sun with that hair and beautiful face, I swoon. See how effortlessly stunning a session can be.

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