Maryland kids travel to Michigan
for summer photoshoot

Summer photoshoot playing in the flowers
and splashing in the pond

family fun in the sun port huron michigan family love photographer.jpg

   Brother and Sister. For me, I’ll never know what that’s like. Both my husband and I are only children. And some people may have siblings but they will never appreciate what that could mean for them.
   And then there is this beautiful family. They know the true meaning of family. They have a deep love for each other that also crosses the line into best friends. That’s something I hope everyone can have, whether it’s “blood” or “water” we all deserve to have people in our lives that are there no matter what, thru it all, the good and bad, and the extremely beautiful.
   I met Hannah-Mae and Alexx 5 years ago when the girls came to me to build their model portfolio. We shot together often, making some of my best and my most favorite work at that time, and that allowed us to grow close over that next year.  And then... they moved.
   But 4 years went by and I got a message from their mom telling me they would be making a visit home all the way from Maryland and wanted to book a shoot! And this time they would be bringing along their new little brother- who I think is secretly a superhero, but I know that’s top secret stuff.
   4 years later and my 2 favorite little models came back as amazing, well rounded, shining little women who are now a competitive cheerleader, competitive swimmer, cello player, and fashionista! And that little brother Gabe, he’s a silly, smiley, partially tough guy who has some intense muscles.
   I am SO thankful for them and the relationship we’ve ALL built together. They remind me that there are loving, caring people out there, and being able to photograph them all together sharing those moments made my whole summer. Until next time girls, and my new lil super hero friend.   

michigan family photographer outdoor family photoshoot.jpg
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port huron michigan outdoor beauty photographer.jpg
outdoor beauty in the pond michigan beauty photographer.jpg
beauty in the water red dress outdoor photoshoot michian photographer.jpg
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outdoor family photoshoot michigan family photographer.jpg
family and beauty michigan photographer.jpg
port huron michigan family love photographer outdoor in the water photoshoot.jpg
red dress in the pond beauty and family photographer port huron michigan.jpg
outdoor family photoshoot port huron michigan photographer.jpg
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outdoor family photoshoot michigan toddler photographer.jpg
little boy in the woods outdoor family photographer port huron michigan.jpg
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outdoor family love photoshoot michigan family photographer.jpg

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