A photoshoot that shows off
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Deadlift and dropdead gorgeous- a woman's fitness journey

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   Some people you just have an instant connection with and you’ll make sure you do whatever it takes to make sure they have every opportunity to express themselves.
   That’s what happened with Leigh. She came to the studio and told me about how hard she had been working to get fit and wanted to show that off in her photos.
   Strong women make me happy. They make me proud. And they remind me of all that we are capable of. Don’t let your femininity limit you, let it expand you. Let is set you up to break the rules and knock down stereo types.
   I was so excited that she had found me and trusted me with her vision, and her self expression. We talked a lot before the actual session, about wardrobe, about her look, about what she wanted these images to say about her. Our first idea of what we thought was right for her slowly morphed in to what I KNOW is right.
   We decided we didn’t need a crazy location, we just needed her. And at the end of the day, isn’t that all we really need in order to define ourselves? We don’t need help by using fancy things to define us and we don’t need to hide behind anything. We need who we are and our story, and the will to tell people about it.
   So here’s Leigh’s story. She’s a mom. She’s a wife. She’s strong. And she can deadlift weights like it’s her fricken job.
   These are the type of women you need to watch out for, and allow to motivate you.

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port huron michigan fitness beauty photography.jpg
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port huron michigan fitness photographer.jpg
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