Boudoir. What a fancy word. It sounds classier than just saying bedroom. It almost gives it a sense of beauty, a sense of whimsical privacy.

To many women as of late it means- I want to wear lingerie and get photographed for my special someone. But to a photographer, it shouldn't mean that. For me, it meant- I want to put on next to nothing and have you photograph me for a long time. When I first started out I just didn't "get it." Not being an overly sexy person myself, I wasn't interested in it. I had some requests for it but never got overly excited about it, and there for, that's probably why I never shot any sessions. Then... I started to get in to pin up photography. It was a FUN version of boudoir for me! But as I photographed more and more pin ups I realized something. It wasn't about the hair, it wasn't about the clothes. It was about 1 thing.

Feeling beautiful.

It was also about being confident, and loving who you are and loving someone else enough to share that.

And slowly, I started to really, really fall in love with Boudoir photography.

First off, what girl doesn't like to get pampered?A morning where you don't have to stress about getting your foundation on right, you don't have to figure out how on earth those models get their hair to look so dang perfect. You just sit back and when you're done- you find yourself looking like you stepped out of a magazine. You feel like you have it going on, because you do! Then you get to go to a studio where you play with shoes, jewelry, lace, pearls, sparkles. I don't care how old you are- playing dress up is FUN! You get to transform. EVERY DAY you walk around in what you probably feel is something that doesn't scream- LOOK AT ME, I'm FABULOUS! (Hey- if you do- you go girl!) But THIS, this is totally a time to do that!! And when it's all said and done, you get that moment that you get to keep forever to look back on in your images! You get to carry that moment out.

THAT'S the part I love.

I get to to help you dig deep and be confident enough to do something daring- because why not- it's just us in the studio!

It's YOUR time. I LOVE THAT!

But the best, best, best part is when you get to see your images for the first time and you literally SCREAM in my studio bc you can't believe what you've been missing out on, inside you, this whole time!