As I sit here and plan for a really awesome, super stylized session in the snow this weekend, I think back to last year when the snow started to thaw- I made a BIG change in my company.  I booked a few shoots and opened my mind. I feel like THIS session was the first time I had REALLY felt alive while I was shooting in a very, very long time. Many, many people have brought up, and still bring up, this session to me, saying, "...the little girl with the apple..." Who would have thought a gorgeous little girl and 1 red apple would start something so big and stick in so many people's minds when it came to AJBC! That makes me so so happy. I wanted to revisit some of my fav shots of that session with you!(Plus give a special thank you to her and her mom for 100% trusting me and the vision I had created for them... along with being amazing and finding an all white wardrobe in the middle of winter!)