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We drove 45 mins from the studio and pulled in to an empty church parking lot.
I quietly entered to find a woman who told me to make myself at home.
There was one other man in the entire church and he was sitting in a pew sketching out a painting of his grandchildren. How ironic that we were both at church to create art.
Then in walks these two little cuties. Dressed like young, beautiful, innocent little brides. I was photographing the celebration of their First Communion.
It was a very emotional time for mom, which made the whole experience really special for me. I love capturing these moments for people- the ones they fear they will forget even the slightest detail of- how their curls fell, what gloves they wore, and the bond these sisters share at this exact moment. The photos are rich with history too- great grandmas bible, grandmas gifted rosaries, moms veil.
I've only photographed in a church twice (not counting weddings) and the light is pure magic. There is literally little glowing sparkles of beauty in every image.
After that we went out to a tiny strip of grass off the side of the parking lot and played in the dandelions. It was an opportunity for the girls to let loose a bit, yell, dance, and play.
Take a look at what we caught-

first communion at st. ronald catholic church photos.jpg
first communion photos at st. ronald catholic church.jpg
first communion photos at st. ronalds catholic church.jpg
first communion photoshoot sister love.jpg
michigan communion photographer.jpg
sisters first communion photos.jpg
michigan first communion photographer.jpg
port huron michigan communion photographer.jpg
sisters first communion photos port huron michigan.jpg
sisters first communion photoshoot.jpg

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