Pin Up girls. Poster girls. When you think of them you think- the ultimate woman, perfect, adorable, sexy but classy. Flawless.I can picture the posters lined up over the soldier's bed and the girls with their cute expressions and their adorable outfits. Most were hand drawn based off real photos from back in the day. Because they were drawn though, it was easy to be flawless, you just sketch it in!
It’s not every day that a real girl walks in to my studio and is literally flawless, but I think Alyssa just might be.
Photoshop is nowhere near responsible for this beautiful skin you see, and yes these really are photographs. Yes, she has makeup on, but it still doesn’t matter. And the outfits! Look how adorable she is. They just reinstate I’m right. She’s flawless. Ok, so maybe she did have a few little scratches from her new baby kitty we had to get rid of, but that was just bad timing! 
Don’t hate her for it though! You HAVE to see how AMAZING she did when she came to our Retro Truck Pin Up event!
We hooked all the girls up with professional hair and makeup that morning too, so cat eyes, a red lip, and victory rolls were a must- which I LOVE. It’s such a gorgeous look. It’s fun, it’s out of the box, and it forces you to rely on yourself and your personality to be sexy instead of your body.
But… if you have a fabulous body as well, then… aren’t you just lucky. Again- flawless, right?
Take a look!


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