She's a true garage girl. Her and her husband own a great shop in downtown Port Huron.
She’s also the beautiful girl next door- there’s not that awkward moment of feeling like you have to get to know her for ages, I instantly adored her.
And now she’s adding Pin Up to the list.

The studio held a pin up event with an old retro chevy truck- something we haven’t done in 3 years. Well, when you own a shop, your husband is a grease monkey, and there’s a sweet old truck up for grabs- you go for it!

Jackie called and we met. Again- I adored her. Her personality is huge, one that once it’s gone, you kind of feel a little let down for the rest of the day. haha She told me about her life, her family, and how well this tied in with them. She was pretty adamant she didn’t want to go outside of her comfort box or transform in to someone she wasn’t for the sake of the shoot, she wanted to stay true to who she was during it all. I like girls like that.

When it came to the shoot my first reaction is to have girls get in that fierce mode, giving me that powerful serious face that transmits in to confidence and sexiness but I couldn’t do that with Jackie. It’s not that she couldn’t pull it off, because she could, and she did, but.. it didn’t feel right, it didn’t feel like her. She had to be smiling. That was her. THAT was HER confidence and her sexy side, no need to try and pull it out of somewhere else.

The best part of the session was how much we laughed when we did ask her to be serious. It was almost impossible, which is awesome. But we nailed it, and her hubby got a pretty fabulous Christmas gift out of the deal.  Don’t you agree?


Port Huron, MI pin up Photographer

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