"Last Call" by ajbc photography
week 4 of the 52 week project


"Staring at a ghost across a table set for two,
This is the last call before the credits roll.
The charm of silver screen depression saturated in alcohol.
It's so seductive.
Filtered through tobacco haze.
It's so fucking intoxicating,
The way they glimmer through the grain and make dysfunction such a fashion."
-Every Time I Die

Just like last week:
week 3
This week started with a different idea in mind too. 
That's the nice things about art- ideas form, forms take shape, shapes change. 
I'm ok with that. 
Here's the original concept, 8 images meshed in to one. When I was done I just felt like it was too much and the original concept and strength was lost, so I broke things down.