the Professional side of senior portraits

math guru, drum line musician meets fashion model

marysville high school senior photographer.jpg

   Like a paint brush, I watch as Grant creates a visual masterpiece with numbers, letters, and shapes on the white board. Just like an artist he is creating something deeper than what most will see or understand. Where I see black marks that most of us might be able to identify as math, Grant sees the future. And I’m beyond thankful that while looking at him, I also see the future, and realize that because of him, and people like him, our world is going to continue to get better.
   Grant has passion, a drive to look deeper, the ability to problem solve, and a willingness to share that with others. I was lucky enough to be one of the ones he’s shared his talents with, so I can say first hand- this guy is going places.
   Grant and his amazing mom came to my studio to plan his session and were adamant- they wanted unique, custom, out of the box perspectives, and something that reflected who Grant was, and also what his mom saw in and around him. Grant just wanted to make sure we incorporated his love for Math.
   Together we created this senior session that shows Grant as the true professional he was meant to be- suit and all. We then changed it up, loosened it up, and celebrated who he is as young musician and drummer. After that I watched as he turned in to this model, brushing the hair back as it was blowing in the wind. And lastly something casual to capture him simply and honestly as he is at this age.
   So AJBC + Grant (and his sweet mom) + ( math + drums + cityscapes + grunge) = 1 awesome Senior Session of 2016. Take a look at a few shots:

senior boy with style senior photos.jpg
physics senior photo marysville senior boy michigan senior boy photographer.jpg
port huron michigan senior boy photographer.jpg
michigan senior boy photographer.jpg
port huron michigan high school senior photos drummer boy.jpg
outdoor senior boy photos michigan senior photographer.jpg
marysville high school senior boy photos senior photographer.jpg
michigan outdoor senior photoshoot michigan high school senior photographer.jpg
seniors boy with style marysville high school senior photographer.jpg
outdoor senior photos abandoned building senior photographer.jpg
marysville high school senior boy outdoor senior photos michgian senior photographer.jpg

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