A Senior Photoshoot in studio and on location

Hiding among the Spring blossoms

port huron high school senior photographer.jpg

   A sweet girl with fantastic hair and a sassy fur baby- all those things make for a killer Senior Photoshoot.
   Alex is Class of 2017. When most Seniors do their shoot in Summer or Fall, she waited for Spring and it was perfect!    We started the adventure off by doing some hair whips in the studio, then fanning out all those curls over her music sheets. I’m sorry, but when you come to me with gorgeous, thick locks like that you must allow me to 1- touch them 2- continue to talk about them 3- show them off.
   Next we drove 10 mins out into the middle of nowhere where we could get some nice grungy shots under a bridge next to the river and let her Huskey pup run wild! Angel, Alex’s mom, was there too. She was our lookout for when cars drove over the bridge, and to let us know we wouldn’t be dying, because when you’re UNDER the bridge and a car drives over, the sound makes you think you’re sure you’re about to die in that moment. haha She gracefully made her way in cute ankle boots over wobbly sharp rocks, which Elores, my assistant, would warn us if we were about to die on or not too, testing to see how wobbly they were before we got there! As I said before- it’s going to be amazing, I never promised it was going to be easy. And that’s why we call this an experience, not just a shoot.
   When we pulled up we opened our doors to the most beautiful overgrown bush I have ever seen, full of beautiful pink and white blossoms. Thank you mother nature- this will work stunningly for our black dress outfit with pink and silver balloons! And of course, we plucked off some blossoms and put them in her hair.
   We finished the shoot off tucked away in the trees just as the sun was setting. Alex’s adorable smile and easy going attitude made for the cutest casual shots I’ve ever taken. Just her, as she is in that moment, never to be the same again, captured in the sunset before graduating. So bittersweet.

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