Dancing at sunrise

A dynamic dance shoot

port huron michigan professional dancer photographer ballet photographer beauty dancer.jpg

   Hannah has been dancing longer than some of my clients have been alive. That's when you know you LOVE something. Your whole life is about it.
   She is following her passion and perusing a career as a Professional Dancer. Nothing makes me happier than watching someone embrace what they were truly meant to do with their life!
   She told me finding a photographer that could give her the full impact of movement she was looking for in her images was a challenge, and that she was so happy to find me. It's the connections like that in life and at AJBC that I live for! So we put our passions together and created something Natural. Beautiful.
   Natural Beauty.
   It was important for her to also include nature. Obviously, if you've seen my work, you know I agree. So my team and I pushed ourselves and our limits in order to make Hannah's session magical, professional, and over the top.
   So take a look and see how we incorporated EVERY Earthly element into her session- Wind, Water, Fire, Earth. It was beautiful to watch Hannah move gracefully through all of it.

detroit michigan professional dancer photographer throwing flower ballet dancer pointe dancer lyrical dancer photgrapher beauty photoshoot.jpg
michigan professional dancer photoshoot portfolio photographer studio photoshoot lyrical dancer shoot flour shoot ballet photoshoot.jpg
port huron michigan professional dancer photographer portfolio photographer dance beauty photoshoot ballet pointe lyrical dancer photoshoot.jpg
michigan studio dance photoshoot professional dancer porfolio flour shoot professional dancer photographer.jpg
michigan lyrical dancer photographer dance photographer photoshoot with fire interpratice dancer photographer .jpg
michigan lyrical dancer photographer professional dancer on lake huron sunrise photoshoot.jpg
michigan professional dancer photographer ballet photographer photoshoot at sunrise lake huron photoshoot beauty dance.jpg
port huron michigan ballet dancer photographer professional dancer photoshoot pointe dance photoshoot at sunrise.jpg

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