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Mommy and Me Retro Summer Session in Lexington, MI

vintage outdoor family photoshoot.jpg

   Oh Linsay- you doll. And Elliot- you little handsome busy body!
   These two were adorable, all the way around. The way they looked, their personalities, and how they interacted with each other.
   Mom knows the pin up style- she did her own hair and makeup and already had her outfit nailed down before we even met up! Little man, he kept us on our toes and laughing- making stick and rock lemonade at their picnic, helping mom drive, and his silly toothy little smirk when he would pop his head around corners!
   I live for these moments! They aren't posed, they are unexpected, and they are always the best! You can't plan for perfection, it just happens!
   What makes me even happier is Linsay is freezing a moment in time, not only for herself to look back on, but for her son too! I imagine him pulling these images off his mother's walls 50 years from now to have and hold in his own home, passed down again and again, even down to his children who will love seeing their father at this moment in his life That's what art is about. Not about the facebook likes or shares, but about a legacy you're family can physically hold on to and embrace emotionally.

mom and sun fun in the sun photos.jpg
mother and sun fun in the sun photos.jpg
outdoor vintage mom and son photoshoot.jpg
outdoor mother and son vintage photoshoot.jpg
outdoor vintage beauty and family shoot.jpg
outdoor vintage beauty.jpg
outdoor pin up photoshoot vintage model.jpg
vintage beauty photoshoot in a classic car.jpg
pin up model in a classic car.jpg
mom and son in a classic car outdoor family photoshoot.jpg
vintage outdoor family photoshoot mother and son.jpg
mother and son vintage family photoshoot.jpg

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