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Professional dancer builds portfolio


Professional dancer builds portfolio

Dancing at sunrise

A dynamic dance shoot

port huron michigan professional dancer photographer ballet photographer beauty dancer.jpg

   Hannah has been dancing longer than some of my clients have been alive. That's when you know you LOVE something. Your whole life is about it.
   She is following her passion and perusing a career as a Professional Dancer. Nothing makes me happier than watching someone embrace what they were truly meant to do with their life!
   She told me finding a photographer that could give her the full impact of movement she was looking for in her images was a challenge, and that she was so happy to find me. It's the connections like that in life and at AJBC that I live for! So we put our passions together and created something Natural. Beautiful.
   Natural Beauty.
   It was important for her to also include nature. Obviously, if you've seen my work, you know I agree. So my team and I pushed ourselves and our limits in order to make Hannah's session magical, professional, and over the top.
   So take a look and see how we incorporated EVERY Earthly element into her session- Wind, Water, Fire, Earth. It was beautiful to watch Hannah move gracefully through all of it.

detroit michigan professional dancer photographer throwing flower ballet dancer pointe dancer lyrical dancer photgrapher beauty photoshoot.jpg
michigan professional dancer photoshoot portfolio photographer studio photoshoot lyrical dancer shoot flour shoot ballet photoshoot.jpg
port huron michigan professional dancer photographer portfolio photographer dance beauty photoshoot ballet pointe lyrical dancer photoshoot.jpg
michigan studio dance photoshoot professional dancer porfolio flour shoot professional dancer photographer.jpg
michigan lyrical dancer photographer dance photographer photoshoot with fire interpratice dancer photographer .jpg
michigan lyrical dancer photographer professional dancer on lake huron sunrise photoshoot.jpg
michigan professional dancer photographer ballet photographer photoshoot at sunrise lake huron photoshoot beauty dance.jpg
port huron michigan ballet dancer photographer professional dancer photoshoot pointe dance photoshoot at sunrise.jpg

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3 Maryland cuties visit me in Michigan for a summer water photoshoot


3 Maryland cuties visit me in Michigan for a summer water photoshoot

Maryland kids travel to Michigan
for summer photoshoot

Summer photoshoot playing in the flowers
and splashing in the pond

family fun in the sun port huron michigan family love photographer.jpg

   Brother and Sister. For me, I’ll never know what that’s like. Both my husband and I are only children. And some people may have siblings but they will never appreciate what that could mean for them.
   And then there is this beautiful family. They know the true meaning of family. They have a deep love for each other that also crosses the line into best friends. That’s something I hope everyone can have, whether it’s “blood” or “water” we all deserve to have people in our lives that are there no matter what, thru it all, the good and bad, and the extremely beautiful.
   I met Hannah-Mae and Alexx 5 years ago when the girls came to me to build their model portfolio. We shot together often, making some of my best and my most favorite work at that time, and that allowed us to grow close over that next year.  And then... they moved.
   But 4 years went by and I got a message from their mom telling me they would be making a visit home all the way from Maryland and wanted to book a shoot! And this time they would be bringing along their new little brother- who I think is secretly a superhero, but I know that’s top secret stuff.
   4 years later and my 2 favorite little models came back as amazing, well rounded, shining little women who are now a competitive cheerleader, competitive swimmer, cello player, and fashionista! And that little brother Gabe, he’s a silly, smiley, partially tough guy who has some intense muscles.
   I am SO thankful for them and the relationship we’ve ALL built together. They remind me that there are loving, caring people out there, and being able to photograph them all together sharing those moments made my whole summer. Until next time girls, and my new lil super hero friend.   

michigan family photographer outdoor family photoshoot.jpg
outdoor michigan beauty photographer.jpg
port huron michigan outdoor beauty photographer.jpg
outdoor beauty in the pond michigan beauty photographer.jpg
beauty in the water red dress outdoor photoshoot michian photographer.jpg
outdoor beauty photographer detroit michigan photographer.jpg
outdoor family photoshoot michigan family photographer.jpg
family and beauty michigan photographer.jpg
port huron michigan family love photographer outdoor in the water photoshoot.jpg
red dress in the pond beauty and family photographer port huron michigan.jpg
outdoor family photoshoot port huron michigan photographer.jpg
little boy in the water family love michigan family photographer.jpg
detroit michigan family photographer outdoor family photoshoot.jpg
outdoor family photoshoot michigan toddler photographer.jpg
little boy in the woods outdoor family photographer port huron michigan.jpg
brother sister love outdoor family photographer.jpg
outdoor family love photoshoot michigan family photographer.jpg

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Marysville senior photoshoot


Marysville senior photoshoot

the Professional side of senior portraits

math guru, drum line musician meets fashion model

marysville high school senior photographer.jpg

   Like a paint brush, I watch as Grant creates a visual masterpiece with numbers, letters, and shapes on the white board. Just like an artist he is creating something deeper than what most will see or understand. Where I see black marks that most of us might be able to identify as math, Grant sees the future. And I’m beyond thankful that while looking at him, I also see the future, and realize that because of him, and people like him, our world is going to continue to get better.
   Grant has passion, a drive to look deeper, the ability to problem solve, and a willingness to share that with others. I was lucky enough to be one of the ones he’s shared his talents with, so I can say first hand- this guy is going places.
   Grant and his amazing mom came to my studio to plan his session and were adamant- they wanted unique, custom, out of the box perspectives, and something that reflected who Grant was, and also what his mom saw in and around him. Grant just wanted to make sure we incorporated his love for Math.
   Together we created this senior session that shows Grant as the true professional he was meant to be- suit and all. We then changed it up, loosened it up, and celebrated who he is as young musician and drummer. After that I watched as he turned in to this model, brushing the hair back as it was blowing in the wind. And lastly something casual to capture him simply and honestly as he is at this age.
   So AJBC + Grant (and his sweet mom) + ( math + drums + cityscapes + grunge) = 1 awesome Senior Session of 2016. Take a look at a few shots:

senior boy with style senior photos.jpg
physics senior photo marysville senior boy michigan senior boy photographer.jpg
port huron michigan senior boy photographer.jpg
michigan senior boy photographer.jpg
port huron michigan high school senior photos drummer boy.jpg
outdoor senior boy photos michigan senior photographer.jpg
marysville high school senior boy photos senior photographer.jpg
michigan outdoor senior photoshoot michigan high school senior photographer.jpg
seniors boy with style marysville high school senior photographer.jpg
outdoor senior photos abandoned building senior photographer.jpg
marysville high school senior boy outdoor senior photos michgian senior photographer.jpg

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A Great Gatsby Inspired Michigan Wedding at Tollanders Tree Farm


A Great Gatsby Inspired Michigan Wedding at Tollanders Tree Farm

A Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding

saying "i do" with flapper dresses and moonshine

port huron michigan wedding photographer vintage wedding.jpg

    Erica and Cory. They are nothing short of perfect for each other. They are the definition of soulmates. And they are 2 of the kindest, most caring, creative people you will ever meet. And always happy. They are always smiling.

    Diamonds, feathers, teacups, and cupcakes. Flapper girls and classy women.

   Moonshine, cigars, suspenders, and bow ties. Prohibition men and trouble making boys.

   This is the world you are about to step in to and it’s nothing short of fabulous. It’s above and beyond what you ever envision on your wedding day, or any day. It’s a beautifully choreographed day of love put together by the two main stars of the night.

   This was such a magical day to be a part of, and let’s be honest, it’s 100% a photographer’s dream. This is the stuff magazines and Pinterest is made of! This is the wedding everyone wants and tries for but falls short because they don’t pay close enough attention to details or they are just not willing to put their all into everything they do.

   This was 8 hours of dress up, 8 hours of fun and games, 8 hours of stepping back in time and celebrating love, sass and class with laughing, crying, dancing, drinking, and beautiful stories being shared.

   Now watch as we tell you their story through photographs-

bride first look photoshoot.jpg
bridesmaids bride groom mother daughter love.jpg
outdoor summer michigan wedding port huron michigan wedding photographer.jpg
michigan vintage wedding photographer.jpg
michigan vintage wedding reception.jpg
mother father dance wedding photographer .jpg
outdoor summer vintage wedding.jpg
father daughter dance michigan wedding photographer.jpg
groomsmen drinking whiskey smoking cigars outdoor vintage wedding michigan wedding photographer.jpg
vintage wedding love flapper dresses suspenders.jpg
vintage barn wedding photographer.jpg
port huron michigan wedding photographer.jpg
detail shots wedding photography michigan.jpg
vintage themed summer wedding michigan wedding photographer .jpg
tollander tree farm michigan wedding michigan wedding photographer.jpg
summer michigan wedding photographer.jpg
vintage wedding dress michigan wedding photographer.jpg
tree farm wedding summer wedding vintage wedding .jpg
vintage themed outdoor michigan wedding photographer.jpg
1920s themed wedding michigan wedding photographer.jpg
reciting vows bride and groom love michigan wedding photographer.jpg
bride and groom love vintage wedding michigan photographer.jpg
ajbc photography detroit michigan wedding photographer.jpg
walking down the isle outdoor michigan vintage wedding.jpg
bride and grom say i do.jpg
outdoor michigan wedding photographer bride and groom saying i do.jpg
bride and groom first kiss.jpg
vintage outdoor barn wedding.jpg
detail ring shots michigan wedding photographer.jpg
best man speech michigan wedding photographer.jpg
wedding ceremony photos michigan wedding photographer.jpg
outdoor wedding ceremony vintage michigan wedding.jpg
wedding reception michigan wedding photographer.jpg
bride and groom first dance michigan wedding photographer.jpg
bride and father first dance wedding photography.jpg
groom and mother first dance wedding photographer.jpg
bridal party photos michigan wedding photographer.jpg
family wedding photography.jpg
wedding photography is vintage barn .jpg
bride and groom first look michigan wedding photographer.jpg
bride and groom in barn wedding photography michigan.jpg
bride and groom wedding photography port huron michigan.jpg
bride and groom in vintage barn michigan wedding photographer.jpg

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