Let's get right to it. Week 1 of the 52 week project with AJBC Photography. 


Ok, Well. haha
There's that.
Hello Week 1! 

If you're trying to figure out what this 52 week project is, read about it here.

SO yes. There's a back story. A big one. Let me break it down for you bc it's too funny not to tell.
We knew we were starting a project. We knew we wanted THIS to be our first week, to show you just how EXCITED we are to be here and how BLOWN AWAY we are with what we're about to start here at AJBC. Yes, every pun was intended with that last sentence. 
Since we do specialize in the beauty of women here at AJBC I also find this hilarious and perhaps comforting on so many different levels. 
So where does one start?
You start with cranking up a huge 2 stroke leaf blower that your husband uses on tree jobs, inside your studio. You then look at each other with that look of, "I'm sorry I'm about to do this," and you blast the leaf blower at full power about 2 feet away from their face. 
After a few rounds of hilarious but not good enough photos we decided to open a window. Which still didn't prevent the smoke alarm from going off. Twice. 
After revving the blower about several more times like the true men we are and getting loads of dry air shoved down your throat you will find that you want to burp that air back up after you are done... who knew. 
We also found that if you wear contacts, like I do, and you try to keep your eyes open they will, and they did, fly out of your eyes. You will wonder for about 5 mins if the contact is lodged in your brain, until you find it half way across the room on the floor. 
All in all I see this as a completely successful first week and wonder where we are going to go from here. 
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AJBC Photography (Port Huron, Michigan Artistic Portrait Photographer)