For the next 52 weeks... that means once every week for the next year... AJBC Photography will be releasing an Artistic Portrait. We will be creating a unique piece of imagery to test ourselves and our audience. That's 52 weeks of new. 52 weeks of experiments. 52 weeks of pushing the boundaries to show you what we truly can offer. 


What's to come!? Starting Nov. 20, 2014 you will find out. 
Keep an eye out on the blog and over on the ajbc Facebook page to see what's new every week. 

For those of you who have been following me for years now you will know I got my start in the photography world by doing a 365 project. 
Don't know what that is? It's a self portrait every single day for 365 days... 1 full year. It taught me the foundation of what I do and who I am now as an artist. It allowed me to learn on myself before taking on clients full time. It was an amazing experience. You can see a lot of my pieces here

About 1 month after finishing that project I thought I would do it all over again, but with objects instead. I quickly learned I resonated better with people and emotion. I quit about 1 month in. 

About 2 years ago I thought it would be brilliant to do an instagram project. 365 images taken only with my old iPhone 3GS. I got about 200 days in and had to give up. I felt as though I wasn't putting out my best work, even for an iphone, and quit.  

So WHY would I want to do it all over again? What if I fail? What if I quit? What if it's too much?! I think the best part about the FIRST time I did it was that I was trying new things EVERY day. I was learning. I was doing it for me and just me. 
That's where I am again, and I am so so happy to be there with this project. It's not for viewers, it's not for clients, it's for me. It's for creative expression. It's to embrace who I really am as an artist so I can give my all and my best as a photographer when creating for you. 
I feel like the timing is right too. I just hired my first employee last month- Taylor. She's amazing and we truly work well together on and off shoot, computer working and brainstorming. You'll be seeing a lot of her as she's going to be doing most of this project with me. She'll be here to tell me there's no way we are quitting and she'll also be here to make sure I don't loose myself. 

52 weeks starts tomorrow. I promise it will blow you away. This is a 1 year journey I will complete. Follow ajbc photography as we take back our creative path.