More than a month ago I made a very blunt facebook post stating I was no longer interested in "just taking pictures" and I was ready to really push AJBC in to a new direction.

Since then I have photographed a stunningly beautiful child during a stylized shoot, a strong, gorgeous woman during a boudoir shoot in her downtown loft, and also a loving family during a lifestyle shoot in their naturally lit home. Next up is a fashion inspired Senior Session.

Yeah, those are a lot of big words and fancy phrases but what I really mean to say is every Portfolio Session I have booked since making that promise to myself has been SUCH an inspiring experience and it has been by far my best work yet.


Because it made me feel alive again


It got me excited again. And that's when I produce my best work.

So... was that my goal, just to give you better portraits?


And why I am keeping so many secrets? Why won't I just release these pictures and start this new chapter already!?

Well, because. There is A LOT going on behind closed doors and once I get it ALL (and there's a TON of new things I'm exploring) to where I want it to be, where it feels right, I'm crossing that line and never looking back. I want there to be a distinct line that says this is where I came from and this is what I am now.

I basically want to come out of the gate swinging for the fences. 

I want to take no prisoners. 

I want to give you the best damn portrait session you have ever had.

So... what's going to happen?

Most importantly, more time. I love hearing your story, I love learning about you. I want to allow us both more time to dive in to that.

I want the session to not be so timed. I want to shoot until I feel fit. I want to be able to take all the shots that inspire me and not have to look at the clock.

When I edit I want to know every shot was NAILED and not just taken so my client could feel fulfilled by the click of the random shutter. Quality over quantity.

I want you to walk in to your viewing and have a life changing experience. I want it to hit so close to home that you can't believe we created that together. 

I want you to appreciate your life.

I want you to look at those images and realize how lucky you are because we captured YOU, not a fake perception, not a boring version, but YOU!

I want to help you design and decorate. I want to see you take those images and embrace them by showcasing them in your home so when people come over they see who you are and not the cheap sunset painting you bought at Hobby Lobby.

If I wanted this to still be about pictures, I would not be making this change, because I know how to take pictures. I want this to be about the experience.

So... what are my secrets? Besides the amazing images I'm waiting to release, my new pricing structure that I'm thrilled about, my new packages that have new items, my new system to prints and discs, and my desire to tell your story?

I guess I should say what WAS my secret....?


I was afraid before. I was afraid that if I made this jump people would leave. That they just wanted a quick fix of pictures. I feared offering a better service because I thought people would say it was not needed and they just needed something easy, and in return, if I fought that they would just go out find that easy quick person somewhere else.

That fear is gone. 

The reason why?

Because- I don't fear those people leaving any more. 

I do not want to be your quick fix. 

Because by me fearing those "quick fix", that was jipping the people out there who are dying to have a personal, beautiful, and unique experience. And that is so so so unfair.

Again- there are lots of people out there taking pictures. But don't you want more than that?

I'm so excited to now be allowed to do that for you.

Let's Tell Your Story.