Woman finds power and love inside herself through empowerment photoshoot

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   After years of struggling with self image Betsy was finally ready to celebrate who she is and who's she's been her entire life through an AJBC Photography photoshoot.
   She expressed how for years she felt the pressure of how she was supposed to look, what she was supposed to do, the type of mom she was supposed to be raising kids, that restricting and guilty feeling of not being what other people think is right.
   When in all reality the BEST part of Betsy, and other women who are unafraid to be unapologetically who they are, is that she made a CHOICE in her life instead of following the herd of sheep, and a lot of people can’t understand that.

I so understand that.

In fact, I live for that.

Here's Betsy's visual representation of letting go, breaking free, and finally believing in herself, exactly the way she is. Burning societies rules of beauty and perfection to the ground. 

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emotional photoshoot port huron michigan.jpg
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