Woman creates art with her movement during this Dance Photoshoot

Whimsical Beauty tucked away in the forest

whimsical photoshoot michigan artistic portrait photographer.jpg

   Barefoot and beautiful, walking through the crunched up Fall leaves and the dried Spring mud. It’s a whimsical, natural type of beauty we’re about to capture.
   Next on Pointe and running with tule, Kayla creates art through her movement and dance. Watching her flow, unplanned choreography is like watching water flow.
   The whole shoot reminds you of a stunning little forest fairy hopping around the forest ground. The trees folded to make perfect tunnels and the road turning up the hill made for a more modern version.

   I love shoots like these… natural, gorgeous, a bit over the top! Take this experience to celebrate yourself with flowers in your hair, jumping off rocks, dancing in the middle of the road.

   Kayla is lucky enough to own her own company where she literally gets to be a fairytale princess every day… no… really…. you can have Cinderella come to your birthday party and secretly, it’s Kayla, but ssshhh, don’t tell anyone. How fun of a life is that!? She's also a professional Dancer. This was to be a mature yet innocent and wondrous blend of both of those worlds- truly reflecting who she is. 

   See what we created together below:

comtemporary dance photoshoot michigan dance photographer.jpg
dance pointe photoshoot.jpg
floral crown fierce dance photoshoot.jpg
forest fairy outdoor beauty photoshoot.jpg
outdoor beauty forest fairy contemorary dance photoshoot.jpg
michigan outdoor beauty portrait photographer.jpg
floral crown forest fairy whimsical beauty photoshoot port huron michigan.jpg
michigan forest fairy photoshoot.jpg
forest fairy whimsical outdoor beauty photoshoot.jpg
dance pointe outdoor photoshoot port huron michigan dance photographer.jpg
michigan contemporary dance photographer outdoor photoshoot beauty fun .jpg
port huron michigan dance photographer whimsical photoshoot.jpg
port huron michigan outdoor photographer.jpg
forest fairy michigan outdoor portrait photographer.jpg

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