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Elise- Port Huron Highschool Senior Session


Elise- Port Huron Highschool Senior Session

Senior Session showcasing Dance, Singing,
and Color Guard Talents

Ethereal and Retro Style Senior Shoot
in downtown Port Huron

woodsy whimsical senior photoshoot port huron michigan senior photographer .jpg

   I like to think we all have a secret “us” hiding inside,
waiting for the world to either accept us,
or waiting for us to accept it’s time for the world to meet us!
Meet Elise, this is her AJBC story.

whimsical senior photoshoot michigan senior photographer outdoor photoshoot.jpg

   The first time I met Elise she was a cute Senior about to graduate, what some may call shy, but ever so sweet.
   We planned her shoot around her many talents- dance, color guard, photography, and singing. Not many people could have a shoot that encompassed so many beautiful and expressive talents, but Elise is honestly probably hiding more.
   The day came and we started out with more outfits than you can imagine! They FILLED the studio. Dance costumes from recitals, gowns, fashionable pieces, jewelry passed down from family, yards and yards of fabric and fun props. You could tell we weren’t just about to photograph a Senior, she was about to put on a live show for us, and that she did.
   Our first look was pointe, and to be honest, we photographed this look on a back dirt road, partially in a ditch.  We let the dust settle and then… Elise began to flow. Her body was calm yet precise and it was beautiful to watch.
   Next we headed downtown where she took what many would look at as a basic flag and turned it into visual art. But this is where we saw this inner fierceness come alive! Pure magic!
   After that we played it a bit more low key, cute city girl look in a coffee shop. We did some fun hair whips, got some drinks, and captured her sweet side, for sure.
   Lastly we headed back to the studio where Elise boldly rocked this red sequined gown, while looking ever so timeless. I’ve never seen someone morph so effortlessly, so flawlessy.

   Elise, all these characters you rock, that fire you hold deep in you, let them rage, lady!

outdoor dance photoshoot senior magical photoshoot.jpg
port huron michigan senior photographer outdoor whimsical dance photoshoot.jpg
outdoor whimsical dance senior photoshoot.jpg
port huron michigan senior photographer.jpg
downtown coffee house inspired senior photoshoot.jpg
downtown michigan senior photoshoot coffee house .jpg
downtown port huron michigan senior photoshoot coffee house .jpg
downtown coffee shop senior photoshoot michigan senior photographer.jpg
port huron high school color gaurd senior photoshoot.jpg
michigan senior girl photographer downtown photoshoot color gaurd photoshoot.jpg
michigan color gaurd high school senior photoshoot port huron high school.jpg
port huron high school senior photoshoot color gaurd .jpg
holywood glam inspired senior photoshoot retro fashion style photographer.jpg
red dress red lip vintage glam senior photoshoot.jpg
retro style senior photoshoot.jpg
michigan senior photographer vintage glam retro fashion.jpg
vintage fashion inspired senior photoshoot.jpg

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Here's a beautiful behind the scenes look into Elise's Senior Shoot with Port Huron, MI Senior Photographer- AJBC Photography


Port Huron Senior Spring Session


Port Huron Senior Spring Session

A Senior Photoshoot in studio and on location

Hiding among the Spring blossoms

port huron high school senior photographer.jpg

   A sweet girl with fantastic hair and a sassy fur baby- all those things make for a killer Senior Photoshoot.
   Alex is Class of 2017. When most Seniors do their shoot in Summer or Fall, she waited for Spring and it was perfect!    We started the adventure off by doing some hair whips in the studio, then fanning out all those curls over her music sheets. I’m sorry, but when you come to me with gorgeous, thick locks like that you must allow me to 1- touch them 2- continue to talk about them 3- show them off.
   Next we drove 10 mins out into the middle of nowhere where we could get some nice grungy shots under a bridge next to the river and let her Huskey pup run wild! Angel, Alex’s mom, was there too. She was our lookout for when cars drove over the bridge, and to let us know we wouldn’t be dying, because when you’re UNDER the bridge and a car drives over, the sound makes you think you’re sure you’re about to die in that moment. haha She gracefully made her way in cute ankle boots over wobbly sharp rocks, which Elores, my assistant, would warn us if we were about to die on or not too, testing to see how wobbly they were before we got there! As I said before- it’s going to be amazing, I never promised it was going to be easy. And that’s why we call this an experience, not just a shoot.
   When we pulled up we opened our doors to the most beautiful overgrown bush I have ever seen, full of beautiful pink and white blossoms. Thank you mother nature- this will work stunningly for our black dress outfit with pink and silver balloons! And of course, we plucked off some blossoms and put them in her hair.
   We finished the shoot off tucked away in the trees just as the sun was setting. Alex’s adorable smile and easy going attitude made for the cutest casual shots I’ve ever taken. Just her, as she is in that moment, never to be the same again, captured in the sunset before graduating. So bittersweet.

michigan portrait photographer artistic photographer.jpg
high school senior photographer studio session senior girl music sheets .jpg
michigan senior photographer outdoor beauty senior photos in the woods michigan photographer.jpg
michigan senior portrait photographer flower child outdoor beauty senior girl photoshoot.jpg
port huron high school senior photographer outdoor beuaty senior photos in the woods golden hour.jpg
golden hour senior portraits.jpg
outdoor grungy senior photos outdoor senior photoshoot with graffitti port huron high school senior girl.jpg
port huron michigan artistic senior photographer.jpg
port huron michigan grungy senior photos outdoor beauty .jpg
senior photos with husky outdoor photoshoot senior beauty michigan senior photographer.jpg

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Let me show you what natural beauty looks like- teen grunge style.


Let me show you what natural beauty looks like- teen grunge style.

Teen Fashion Photoshoot straight out of a magazine spread.

Aspiring young model matures with edgy session.

detroit michigan portrait photographer.jpg

   Jillian is the epitome of natural beauty with a unique twist. I don’t know what it is, but before her session I secretly stalked her on facebook, as probably all photographers do, and I instantly feel in love with her look. She’s 14 and the perfect mixture of an innocent yet mature look that looks effortless yet dramatic.
   We had planned on her bringing an oversized shirt for the studio and a white dress for outside.
The studio look showcased just her. I didn't want anything to take away from her beauty. This is when I fell back in love with simplistic yet dramatic studio portraits. The 2nd look was just something free and light. (Secret- it was SUPER cold the day we shot so we actually photographed the white dress look with her shoes on and sweat pants around her ankles, and in between shots she would pull them back up and put her coat on to warm up. Yes, we got tricks!) 
   As a total wild card Jillian brought an extra look- trendy sunglasses, ripped white washed jeans, and vans. Her long, uncurled hair blew in the wind as we did a little sun worshiper session right in the side yard of the studio.
   Her serious looks were to die for but for the last shot of the day I got one huge, playful, real laugh from her on camera and we called it a day.
   When she and her mom came back for her viewing I found out they would be using the images for her modeling portfolio and I got SO excited. She took her previously portfolio to Chicago and they told her she would have to come back when her look wasn’t so young. Watch out Chicago... Jillian will be back and you will be eating your words. This is bold, beautiful, and her young spirit brings this pure emotion to her edgy, mature portraits.

michigan grungry beauty photographer portrait photographer.jpg
edgy model photoshoot michigan portrait photographer.jpg
michigan beauty photographer.jpg
detroit michigan artistic beauty photographer.jpg
port huron michigan beauty portrait photographer.jpg
port huron senior portrait photographer.jpg
destination portrait photographer outdoor beauty photoshoot muchigan portrait photographer.jpg
lexington michigan artistic portrait photographer outdoor photoshoot beauty photoshoot.jpg
michigan outdoor beauty portrait photographer.jpg
port huron michigan outdoor portrait photographer.jpg
michigan grungy portrait photographer.jpg
michigan portrait photographer artistic portrait photographer teen fashion.jpg
port huron michigan portrait photographer outdoor beauty photoshoot style fashion beauty.jpg
lexington michigan beauty portrait photographer.jpg

Watch how beautiful and effortless a shoot really is. Stunning portraits don't have to be difficult to create, just simply show up.

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St Clair High School Senior Photoshoot


St Clair High School Senior Photoshoot

Golden Senior Session at Sunset

Running Free and Beautiful in Lexington, MI

michigan senior photographer wild flowers summer photoshoot.jpg

   The first time I photographed Katelyn she was whipping her long curls at sunset, running on the beach in a white undress, and splashing like a young, free spirit.
   The second time I photographed Katelyn she was kicking and punching through pieces of wood and high kicking what easily could have been a tall man's throat.

   Talk about girls being made of sugar AND spice. Dang.

   Katelyn's session was also the ONLY session that year that had to be rescheduled because of rain. THREE times! And I'm not talking cute rain, I'm talking down pour and we lost power- rain. And we STILL ended up shooting in the rain (I secretly think she's unknowingly doing rain dances in her sleep) but it worked out beautifully.  

   She even showed me and my assistant how to chop through boards, which of course makes you feel like a bad-ass. And any day ending in you feeling like a bad-ass is a good day in my book.

   This part of the session that I want to show off, seeing how free she is in it, it makes me unbearably excited for summer. Knee deep in Lake Huron, sand all over our gear, chasing the sun, and everything has that glow. Running barefoot off into the sunset, wildflowers in her hair- we had so much fun with you, Katelyn.

outdoor senior photoshoot summer senior shoot outdoor beauty.jpg
senior photoshoot at sunset outdoor beauty boho beauty port huron senior photographer.jpg
st clair high school senior photographer summer photoshoot.jpg
high school senior photoshoot lexington michigan photographer senior pics in the water.jpg
lexington michigan beach senior photoshoot sunset summer beauty photographer.jpg
michigan high school senior photographer lexington beach boho photoshoot .jpg
lexington pier senior boho photoshoot lake michigan senior photographer.jpg
lexington michigan senior photographer lake michigan lexington beach photoshoot.jpg
michigan high school senior beauty outdoor photoshoot lexington michigan .jpg
st clair high school senior photographer.jpg

30 seconds in and that sun with that hair and beautiful face, I swoon. See how effortlessly stunning a session can be.

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