In business your headshot speaks for you before you even have a chance to Meet someone in person.
What is it saying?

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   Ashley is a busy lady, constantly traveling, pushing the business she just joined out into the world and watching it grow, along with watching herself grow, and quickly! is a new app based company connecting travelers with local tour guides so you can travel like a local and never feel like an outsider ever again. Ashley joined their company while in the start up phase and kept getting asked for her headshot for various different meetings and shows she was attending and presenting at. After sending in her latest selfie too many times she knew it was time to get professional shots done.

   While most think of headshots indoors, traditional, body tilted slightly to the side with a small smile, I try to encourage people to think a little outside the box, going with a little more of a modern feel.

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   Yes, there are still positions and companies that call for your very clean, professional headshot, but for a travel company I knew we could get away with doing something outdoors and a little more relaxed, and that’s exactly what Ashley had envisioned for her headshots before she eve called me- outdoors and natural.
   We picked an area that was a bit more muted so the colors would match almost anything in their marketing. I told her to dress in layers so she could get the most out of her 1 outfit. By changing her top from a chic business top to a cute leather jacket, to just the white blouse she was able to pull off looks from personable, to professional, to independent business woman all in 1 setting.

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   I’m excited for her and this new journey, and these headshots are the perfect way to let everyone know she takes not only herself seriously but the business seriously as well. She looks so put together, but still approachable, business like, but in a very relaxed, natural way.

Ashley’s headshots let people know she belongs in the business world and isn’t just playing in it with a cell phone selfie. What do your headshots tell people?

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