These Marysville High School Seniors, they have been keeping this Port Huron photographer BUSY!! SO this guy- he's pulling off the traditional look in that amazing sweater and tie AND the true bad ass look (sorry, couldn't think of a more appropriate word!) with his red hot convertible Mustang! I love all his looks. Don't overlook the sharp blue Adidas kick either! 

Another fun note- some of the session was shot at Memories Manor in St. Clair, which his mom and dad run and own. It's a beautiful, historic, 3 story mansion that runs as a scrapbooking, women's get away, bed and breakfast (look it up- it will take your breath away!) 

ajbcphotography_porthuron_michigan_photographer_senior_boy_MemoriesManor_St.Clair_marsville_high school_outdoors1
ajbcphotography_porthuron_michigan_photographer_senior_boy_marsville_high school_outdoors_mustang1
ajbcphotography_porthuron_michigan_photographer_senior_traditional_MemoriesManor_boy_marsville_high school_outdoors3
ajbcphotography_porthuron_BlueWaterBridge_michigan_photographer_senior_boy_marsville_high school_outdoors4
ajbcphotography_porthuron_Riverwalk_michigan_photographer_senior_boy_marsville_high school_outdoors_
ajbcphotography_porthuron_michigan_photographer_senior_boy_marsville_high school_outdoors_mustang_St.Clair
ajbcphotography_porthuron_michigan_photographer_senior_boy_marsville_high school_MemoriesManor_St.Clair5

Marysville High School Senior Class of 2015 by AJBC Photography (Port Huron, MI Senior Photographer.)

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