Week 10 of this 52 week project. 
This week I decided to experiment with the basics of what photography really is- light. And that's really ALL that photography is, simply playing and painting with light. 

We have a large pond on our property, which is pretty awesome, it makes for great summer sessions, but it's also an endless amount of upkeep. Especially when that upkeep is paying lots of money to kill what is basically pond weeds that will over take your entire yard if you don't get them under control. On top of that, after killing them, they need to be removed because they are then just large, dry, ugly sticks in your pond. 
Our solution. Burn the suckers down. With a large torch. Like the true country folk we are becomin' (clearly.) haha

country pond photographer photography documentary fire

At first, my goal was to just document what we were doing. But as we got going I started playing with white balance, focus, ISO, and came out with a true piece of art. Really- I feel like it looks like an art piece, or a painting, more than a photograph. 

fire burn pond art painting light photography

And once you find that inspiration in something every day, you start to see things in a whole new "light." Colors, Textures.... 

ajbc photography port huron photographer art burn fire arson

And amazing shapes. Mother Nature is an incredible force to try to beat. And I mean that in more ways than one. Positive and Negative. 

ajbc photography port huron michigan photographer outdoors explore adventure fire burn arson