2014 was an amazing, wonderful, down right spectacular year for AJBC Photography. You know why?
Because of all the beautiful 75 faces you see here (I'm missing a few for the ladies who wanted to stay private.)
Beauty, Boudoir, Families, Kids, Seniors, Weddings, Destination Weddings, Animals, Fitness, Commercial, Events, Products. All in 1 year. All because these amazing people believed in what I could create for them, what we could create together. 
It blows my mind seeing everything and everyone together in 1 box. My (almost) whole year in recap. From the first tiny square to the last, ever experience, every session, every client, every new friend I made, every moment we captured, it has changed me, it has shaped me, it's now a documented piece of history. I can not wait for 2015 and I can't thank you all enough for filling each and every square here.