Am I right?
Roberta came to me in need of some head shots and full body shots for her fitness Facebook  page and to build a portfolio. She's in the beginning stages of fitness competition and is ready to let companies and brands know about her! NO ONE is going to be turning her away! Her image is "Fit Biker Chick" and I think we pulled that look together pretty well!!

I LOVE working with creative, motivated women (and men too!) I LOVE seeing the first steps of their dreams coming together. I love hearing about their look, their goals, their strategy, their passions, their brand. It's something THEY have built, purely out of love and passion for what they do, from the ground up. I can SO relate and am SO HAPPY to help ANYONE in ANY stage of their business or goals. I can't wait to see how Roberta grows and succeeds after this shoot! I feel like professional images are the FIRST step to you are a.... professional! You are the part, you need to look the part, and people need to visually see you as that part. No more mirror selfies! 


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