A strong independent woman. A yoga instructor. A mom. A beautiful soul who found herself, and then found ajbc photography- and then we created true beauty together.

If this doesn't empower you to push your boundaries, bush your body, and get outside and dance in the sunshine then I just don't know what will!

I met Jeni a little over a year ago. She booked a shoot for her little Amelia. It was over the top in every way. Oh my goodness. And Jeni was so on top of things. Getting the shoot done, using the images for thank yous for her themed birthday party, using the 2nd outfit and set of images for Easter cards. Everything was organized and perfect. 
A year later Jeni called me and said there had been a big change in her life and she was so excited to capture it. Having no clue what that meant I was really excited to meet with her in the studio and talk everything over. 
Jeni had quit her Corporate America job and found a calmer lifestyle through yoga. The need she felt to be perfect, over the top, and utterly organized was gone. She was all about living in the moment, and loving life. The change was drastic, but in a way that made you realize- she had found herself, and her life was going to be better because of it. 

It was an amzing experience working with Jeni again. Her spirit, her alertness, and the way she expressed herself through words AND through her body with yoga was something I really connected to. And the way her daughter is falling in to footsteps of being so free and unique- it's a beautiful thing to watch. 


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