This shoot explains what photographing in Michigan is like, in a nutshell. We had planned this shoot with mom in the spring. We picked a date and the weather read cold and possibly rainy. How were we supposed to do sunny boho AND the beach with no sun and goosebumps?
Well, as it goes, summer got really busy, really fast. We all know, in this state, summer lasts 3 months, if we're lucky, so you have to cram everything in in those 3 months! The girls left for summer camps, had all kinds of sporting events, and right before Fall hit, we were finally able to schedule them in!
And, of course, even at the peek of summer, the sun was still missing. Good thing I love working with artificial light, we just made our own sunshine! Off camera flash, a yellow gel, and boom- the best summer day.
I knew the girls wanted to do something natural, with a boho feel so my hubby, the unsung hero to many of my big creative projects (you can meet him here), and I pulled out tons of little down trees and branches out of the yard and now the studio is complete with a real, handmade, 10 ft tall teepee that rocks! 

I extra love this session because it's a time many moms forget to capture, and it's so important, if not the most important age!
You stay on top of the baby photos, but then your child grows in to a beautiful person of their own and you have no idea where the time went. Their photography legacy has a huge hole in it when you look back. The worst part of not capturing this age? It's the last years you will get of them still as a child, full of wonder, and innocence, before they jump on over to the adult side of the world, with it's brutal honesty, hardships, and no return. 

See how we captured these beauties. <3

ajbcphotography-porthuron-michigan-photographer-family-photography-outdoors-family-photoshoot-beauty-nature-teepee.jpg .jpg

AND. An extra amazing bonus. Mom jumped in at the very end to capture this special time with her girls. They live right on Lake Huron so we got to photograph at their home. That day the water was so beautifully blue, it was the perfect visual ending to the summer. 


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