#1 This family is ridiculously good looking. 
#2 They rock those black leather jackets like nobodies business.
#3 They are the sweetest people 
#4 Meet Jen, my Professional Hair and Makeup Artist from Inspire Hair Studio. This is the friendly, beautiful face that makes YOU look gorgeous when you book with me! 

When I really think about it, I've known Jen for 10 years. Wow! It all started because in high school her sister had the most rockin' hair and I had to know where to she went to get it cut. 
After never getting what I asked for elsewhere, I decided to try out Jen and I have NEVER even thought about looking back. She is an artist with scissors. 

When I started getting more custom with all of my shoots I decided to add a Hair and Makeup Artist to my team, and that choice was obvious. Boom, Jen jumped on board and now we're working on several different projects together!

But I'm not here to talk about me... I want to share with you how we got here, to this session!

(Can we just take a moment to talk about how STUNNING they both look above!) 

Over time I've gotten to know her family too. They were actually some of the first clients that believed in me when I first started AJBC Photography. During our first session their son was still all wobbly while running around. Fast forward to now and the kids were like little models! 

(and let's take another moment to talk about how cute these kids are!!)

If you're wondering where the scene came from, it all developed right in Jen's head. One day she got ahold of me with this "dark" but pretty vision of shooting at night with lights. 
I took that vision and added in some smoke, pops of blue, and we were both pretty excited about it. So excited that Jen actually painted her living room to match. haha! 

I'm so lucky to have Jen as a friend, and an amazing hairdresser for myself, and a fabulous team member to work with!! haha Her family is ridiculously lucky to have her as such a smokin hot wife (yeah, I said it) and such an involved mom. But she's pretty lucky to have these cuties too, and I'm SO happy I was able to bring her vision to life with her and capture her and her family in such a unique way. 

Jen Zimmerman from Inspire Hair Studio 
Port Huron Family Photographer- AJBC Photography