As you all know I love working with women, of any age. 
I extra love them when they come with an arsenal of cute boots, scarves, accessories to match every outfit.... and when they are this stunningly gorgeous, that never hurt either. ;) 
We started off at the home studio because her outfit matched the scenery perfectly. I was really hoping she might just accidentally forget that jacket and boots at my place.... but she didn't. haha ;) 
Next we hopped over to the Fort Gratiot Park. I know, as a photographer, that park gets a lot of "camera" use and I hate it when it's super obvious we're at a location that gets used often, by everyone, so we made sure we played in little hidden path ways to keep the shoot unique.
After that we swung down town and used the back streets of Port Huron and the new River Walk. Eventually I forced myself to stop, because in all reality, she was so natural, we probably could have kept going all day.
And you saw those eyes, right? They just draw you right in. 

Port Huron Michigan Senior Photographer Uniqe and fashion.jpg

Hair and Makeup by Jen Zimmerman of Inspire Hair Studio
Port Huron Senior Photographer AJBC Photography