St. Clair Boudoir Photoshoot in Historic Mansion

Gorgeous Floral Milk Bath Sessions

   Shut the door, breathe in the scent of lavender, and feel your body sink below the surface of the warm water. Watch as the moisturizing milk bath floods over your curves and flower petals dance to the surface. 

   This is what we created for all the women who signed up for our Beauty Retreat.

   The whole day was spent in a 3 story Mansion in St. Clair that was over 100 years old. The ladies were pampered right from the beginning, as the morning started out with professional hair and makeup done in a vintage bathroom, complete with a baby chandelier. 

   The first portion of their shoot was Boudoir, where they had 6 private bedrooms to choose from to get photographed in. So exquisite and classy. These ladies did an amazing job with wardrobe. We provided them with a Style Guide for what we thought would be perfect for the location and they couldn't have done better! Timeless pieces of sheer fabric, lace, pearls, diamonds... my gosh. 

   After that was the Milk Bath portion. Each girl had her private shoot complete in a claw foot tub, adorned with gorgeous fresh flowers from Christopher's Flowers in Port Huron. This was a first for ajbc photography and to be honest, I'm officially obsessed with the look! 

   Afterwards each lady got a little black book, and even though some say the portraits were for their significant other, we all know the experience it's self was a very personal and empowering adventure every woman will be able to be enjoy every time they revisit those pieces of art they created with us!

St Clair photographer retro vintage pin up session.jpg
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St. Clair Boudoir Photographer milk bath photoshoot.jpg
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Memories Manor Scrapbooking Bed and Breakfast photoshoot.jpg
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retro vintage pin up session michigan beauty photographer milk bath photoshoot.jpg

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