Last year was the first year for me that I made a private decision to cater to specifically women, because that's what I loved to shoot. 
This year, in case you couldn't tell, I'm really, really embracing that!

I want to start a mini revolution for you ladies and change the way we see ourselves and think about other women. Hell. If it takes off it may just be a full on Revolution.

In order to CELEBRATE that I'm offering something to you and a friend that I've NEVER done before.

Set aside a day to book a life changing session wtih A.J.B.C. Photography. Invite a friend that deserves this and will value it just as much as you, because empowerment happens with support and numbers. 
Maybe it's your best friend, your mom, your sister.

Professional Hair, MakeUp, wine, help with your wardrobe, and a custom session for each of you individually, plus shots together at the end of the day. 
The best part- it's a $350 value. I'm offering it until April 30th for $175. Treat your friend or split it in half at $88. I don't care how you do it as long as you're ready for an experience unlike anything you'v ever done before.

Yes we're going to make you feel beautiful. Yes we're going to have fun. But we're also going to show you a side of yourself you either didn't know existed or were to afraid to let people know about it.

I'm done with your typical portraits, ladies. Let's make a change starting with your session, and then FEEL that change every day after that. Let's start a Revolution.

Call me: 810-300-1390
or email me:
to get started.

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Sessions can include anything from:
Boudoir, Beauty, Fairytale, Fashion... it's your story, we're just here to help you tell it.